Hardwood Refinishing

HARDWOOD-REFINISHINGAre your hardwood floors quite old and lacks the natural luster or shine? Is the wood flooring in your home faded, dull, or scratched? Whatsoever be the issues you are facing, A2Z Painting is here to assist you with the right hardwood refinishing service to make your wood floors look brand new.

Before planning to replace the scratched floors, consider our refinishing service to restore the lost beauty of the hardwood. With a team of licensed painters, we are here to deliver 100% satisfying hardwood refinishing service at affordable costs.

What Includes Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Plan?

  • Moving all the rugs and furniture.
  • Removing baseboards and pulling out nails.
  • Filling in small cracks and scratches.
  • Setting the floor under layment.
  • Installing or repairing wood flooring.
  • Undercutting or replacing door jambs.
  • Treating baseboards, and other trims.
  • Installing transitions.

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Since you are trying to make your home appear more luxurious and appealing, its advised to make the right choice for the hardwood floors. At A2Z Painting, we are here to remove the floor scratches and all other stains by offering high quality floor refinishing. Our process includes:

  • First of all, we’ll sand your floor to remove any marks and smooth them out.
  • Then, we’ll stain the wood with any color of your choice.
  • After that, we’ll polish your floors with a top coat to add shine and luster.

What Makes Us Different?

A2Z Painting believes in delivering quality hardwood floor refinishing service within your budget. We have been serving the Brampton residents from past many years and pride ourselves on surpassing our competitors. We are sure that by choosing us, you’ll get amazed with the refinishing results. We provide:

  • Expert Flooring Refinishing
  • Wide Choice of Colors
  • Dustless Sanding
  • Odorless & Eco-Friendly Finish

Call Us For High Quality Hardwood Floor Refinishing!